How It Works

Content Importing

Content is Automatically Imported

Searchlight is configured to regularly and routinely scan website content from every allowable source possible, including public pages, RSS feeds, also private API integrations and direct uploads.

Global Search

The Entire Internet is Searched and Sifted

Utilizing refined crawling, scanning, and searching techniques, Searchlight maintains a specialized private index and leverages third-party indexes as well as search engines to obtain unique and comprehensive access and insight to our massive digital world.



Not All Content is the Same

Special and custom consideration is made for every customer to ensure accurate analysis. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty. Suspect websites are managed by way of whitelisting authorized publishers, or directly monitoring offenders, competitors, and complicated marketplaces.



Insight Into Web Properties Risk or Opportunity

Tools are provided and leveraged to empower comprehensive, efficient and effective analysis. Management of suspect websites is offered so all manner of threats and issues, or even opportunities, can be handled with minimal effort but with the highest integrity.



When Your Content is Found Elsewhere

Incidents are investigated and reported so a considerate determination can be made. Reviewed by you or your dedicated account manager daily, each incident is either confirmed or disregarded. Confirmed incidents are gathered in preparation of management via the Claims system.



Always Ready to Escalate

Most of the time, the results sought are achieved well before escalating to the highest levels. However, every single incident and action is treated as though it may need to go before the court. Leveraging this power grants the ability to get the results that are required.


Control concerns until conclusion

Confirmed incidents are assembled into Claims where they can be easily managed and kept current. Claims facilitate communication and status with the related suspect. Whether requesting removal, citation, backlinks, or even a favorable relationship, nothing slips through the cracks.



Persistence is key

Effective and persistent communication is key to every relationship and situation. Results are garnered in part due to regular follow up and reminders. Solutions are achieved by focusing well crafted words to the right people at the right time and in the right ways.


Knowledge is Power

As research commences, suspect forensics obtained, incidents processed, and claims managed, all details are reported specially suited to your needs.


Results Matter

Knowledge is power, analytics are useful, tools are important, but it's results that matter.