Words Are Worth Protecting


They inspire, incite and instruct. They communicate ideas that found countries and fuel economies. They don’t come easily nor do they come cheaply when crafted precisely.

Your online words are a powerful source of readership, reputation and revenue for you. They determine your search ranking and build your relationships. And until now, words have been hard to protect in an “anything goes” digital world where stealing content is commonplace.

Searchlight® is changing all that. With the only complete plagiarism detection and elimination solution on the market. If it’s uniquely yours, Searchlight® can help you keep it that way.


Stay Vigilant

Just input your website domain name, provide an email address and create a password. Searchlight® imports every page of your site and begins patrolling the internet, searching for duplicate content. When an incident is found, it's reported to you automatically so you can take action.


Rest Easy

Searchlight® is tireless, searching the web 24/7 and documenting every instance of duplicate content. Once discovered, you can easily assemble a claim and take the next step to communicate with the unauthorized user of your content. Review your activity reports in your dashboard anytime you like. Finally, someone has your back when it comes to protecting your internet investment.


Plagiarism Is Stealing

While our approach is polite and professional, make no mistake. We mean business. Searchlight® provides the simple tools to give you the power to communicate with a suspect website owner and require action. Incidents are easily assembled into Claims. Start with a well-informed email filled with details we’ve provided. If you don’t get what you need through communication, we can assist you all the way up to the DMCA takedown process. Helping you get duplicate content removed from search engines like Google, and requiring action from the website host.


How Searchlight® Works

  1. Enter your website domain name
  2. Give Searchlight® time to configure your website, scan and import all of your website content
  3. Check the status of progress importing your website, watch for any found Incidents
  4. Assemble found Incidents into Claims for easy management